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Some Historical Context….

As our ancestors evolved in prehistoric times, early human beings likely recognized that a profound relationship exists between plants and health.  Ancient healers were among the earliest of civilization’s most accomplished botanists and would have been regarded poorly if they failed to keep their plants alive. Without horticultural knowledge and the ability to sustain plant-derived remedies, healers would lose their formulary and most certainly would have failed at their craft.  The earliest physician healers included Imhotep in Egypt (2667-2648 BC) and Hippocrates in Greece (460-370 BC), who understood and recorded ancient plant remedies that have withstood the test of time. Indeed, Hippocrates is attributed with having said, “Nature itself is the best physician.”

An emerging industry still only in its infancy seeks to improve safe and effective Cannabis-derived products’ use. Nurturing Nature brings unusual combinations of clinical healthcare knowledge complemented by expertise in botanical horticulture to give our client’s the competitive edge they seek. Ultimately, these backgrounds uniquely qualify us to provide consultancy services that advance endocannabinoid science by reintegrating the rediscovery of botanical medicines.


Live Public Speaking Appearances (Virtual or In-Person)

We are widely sought to fairly present complex subjects, including within panel discussion groups. We use these opportunities to promote the Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants brand to extend connections with potential clients and institutions.

The initial 2014 target client base for Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants was confined to a limited market within the State of Florida — growers cultivating, chemists processing, and vendors responsibly dispensing Cannabis as a botanical medicine.  Using international resources, marketing efforts timed to extend beyond 2020 will add focus nationally and abroad.


Serving in Political and Legislative Processes

We have consistently strived to provide scientifically objective, scrupulously neutral expert testimony before committees within legislatures, as well as serving on commissions and special task forces. Additionally, we develop both industry-supporting quality improvement metrics and legislation that advances endocannabinoid medicine’s access and education.

Such actions continue to build our credibility and expertise in botanical medicine that can help bring lawmakers closer to the medical community, to law enforcement, and to prospective clients. This visibility provides additional opportunity to promote Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants as a reliable and trusted source supplying solutions to our society’s controversial issues surrounding Cannabis.


Educational Outreach

As an academic adjunct Professor at the University of Miami, and as the Florida Medical Association (FMA) designated expert consultant on botanical medicine in 2014, Dr. Jeffrey Block authored the mandated continuing medical education courses for physicians, published by the Florida Department of Health. Due to his agricultural qualifications, Dr. Block was independently selected by Florida’s Surgeon General in 2015 as the only trusted physician requested to develop Florida’s rules and regulations governing its existing cannabis law.

As our visibility and credibility within the industry grows through showcasing our expertise in this way, the rate of inbound inquiries into the professional services of Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants increases, as has already been demonstrated.



While strictly adhering to a client’s confidentiality expectations, we attend industry-related conferences and trade shows each year. These forums provide significant opportunity to interface with potential business interests to assist outbound marketing efforts.

Additionally, these events continue to allow us to build a network of peers that also provides service to the botanical medicine industry and are non-competitive to the Nurturing Nature® group’s consultancy. These contacts can and will be developed into referral partners that can generate a steady stream of qualified leads.

One key source of referrals thus far has been lobbyists with whom we interact with during political activities. Botanical medicine organizations affected by State, Federal, or international regulations regularly contact lobbyists to assist in their efforts to change regulation, and lobbyists in our professional network have regularly referred prospective clients.


Digital Marketing

NurturingNature.com provides a portal for educational resources and background information on Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants’ services, as well as methods of contact for inbound inquires.

The company’s online access also links to the agriculturally awarded Block Botanical Gardens, an Institutional Member of the American Public Gardens Association.

Additionally, our social media profile, particularly via LinkedIn, provides another medium for assessing credibility, disseminating information, building a network of potential clients and referral partners, and receiving inquiries.


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