Medical Testimonials

Professor Raphael Mechoulam

Hebrew University – Jerusalem, Israel

Professor Raphael Mechoulam 01

“Your outstanding review has addressed many important aspects very well indeed. I do hope that it reaches the hands of many readers, clinicians in particular! Congratulations. -R” (2019)

“As a Board-Certified physician anesthesiologist, you can bring the benefits from a long professional career’s work to cannabinoid’s therapeutic use in healthcare. Your clinical backgrounds offer unique understandings of endocannabinoid medicine’s potential future that should be of significant value to this evolving new science.” (2017)

Professor Raphael Mechoulam 02

Raphael Mechoulam, PhD. – The Father of Cannabinoid Medicine


Dr. David Bearman

Executive Vice President The American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine
Santa Barbara, California. – June 24, 2020.

Dr Bearman

“Dr. Jeffrey Block brings his unique and impressive combination of knowledge and expertise in both horticulture and medicine to the clinical practice of pain management. His knowledge set is a perfect fit for explaining a sound, scientific foundation for understanding the analgesic properties of cannabis.

Physicians and patients alike will clearly benefit from their knowledge gained.
A must-read for all who embrace “first, do no harm”; Dr. Block has hit it out of the park with his enlightening chapter!”

David Bearman, M.D.
Executive Vice President The American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine
Santa Barbara, California

Dr. David Bearman


Mahmoud A. ElSohly, Ph.D.

The University of Mississippi – Oxford, MS – June 3, 2020

Dr ElSohly

“Dr, Jeff Block’s timely textbook chapter, Endocannabinoid Receptors and Medical Cannabis (CRC Press – 2020) is a masterful subject summary of translational medicine having significant public health importance.

While I’ve known many excellent healthcare professionals through my work with the Federal Government, remarkably few physicians enjoy Dr. Block’s academic understanding of botanical medicines. His clinical expertise in physiology and pharmacology, along with decades of experience cultivating plants and knowledge of processing their bioactive chemicals is unique among doctors. I expect that Dr. Block’s on-going contributions will be formative to responsibly develop medical cannabis programs in the United States.”

Mahmoud A. ElSohly, Ph.D.

Research Professor and Professor of Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery
School of Pharmacy
National Center for Natural Products Research
The University of Mississippi

Mahmoud A. ElSohly, Ph.D.

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