Botanical Medicine Healthcare Services

Strategic Translational Planning

The science of translational medicine is new, and only in its infancy. It is now being applied to botanical medicines such as Cannabis species. New advances in technology continually shift; and can fully disrupt which practices remain as competitive advantages, compared with those that become disadvantages.

Furthermore, external forces such as legislative actions have the potential to fundamentally change the classifications, and thereby the markets extended to botanical medicines.

Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants helps producers, processors, and dispensaries of organizations and technology interests stay ahead of the curve in new developments within their respective industry segments, through contingency planning for disruptions in existing processes, whether medical, technological, or legislative….



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Agricultural Industry Horticulture Services

Continuous Quality Improvement for Horticultural Success

Block has integrated knowledge from his medical profession and applied those guiding health & wellness principles to his hybridizing and robust botanicals. Miami’s Block Botanical Gardens indisputably evidences the art and science of nurturing nature. Resulting from intelligent landscape design; not only are the gardens filled with award-winning rare plants, but they are also visually spectacular! The staff’s commitment to sustaining horticultural excellence supports and showcases many of the world’s most beautiful plants adapting to South Florida’s subtropical climate.

As a community thought leader and physician-scientist; the doctor is a master gardener visionary who has contributed a generation of unparalleled experience developing high-quality, sustainable horticulture. Conservation friendly irrigation practices responsibly sustain Block Botanical Gardens’ extraordinary specimens.



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Virtual or In-Person Presentations

What You Need To Know Presented Live Online

Our lectures include the ethnobotanical and cultural use considerations of a plant now known to contain therapeutic balances of phytocannabinoid and terpenoid compounds that are challenging some of the world’s foremost researchers and awaiting responsibly educated clinicians.

Well-documented as a botanical health and wellness medicine for over 5,000 years, the cannabis plant’s biochemistry, mechanisms of action, and anecdotal versus evidence-based safety & efficacy profiles have recently become the subject of intense scientific and legislative scrutiny.

Particularly during a pandemic, we appreciate the challenges confronting responsible healers as we endeavor to “first, do no harm”. Our lectures further recognize that pragmatic physicians are morally bound by their oaths of medicine. For these reasons, a guiding light bioethical platform concerning Cannabinoid medicines’ clinical use and their potential abuse is requisite.


Horticulture Experts

Nurturing Nature Sets Sustainable Standards

Located in an ancient oak hammock, thirty-years of dedicated emphasis on horticultural excellence now complements this naturally rich South Florida Everglades fresh-water ecosystem. Over a century ago, the gardens’ commercial roots started as a mango and avocado tree farm. The land alongside historic Sunset Drive was eventually cleared for homesites allowing “Sunset Grove” to be aptly named during Miami’s “roaring-20’s” real-estate boom.

Nationally recognized “Champion Trees”, rare fruit trees, and flowering tree canopies shelter dedicated specialty gardens offering something special for all visitors. Rare palms, cycads, aroids, ferns, orchids and bromeliads are found throughout the property.

As the namesake of Dr. Block’s consultancy emphasizes, through practicing the art and science of nurturing nature, Block Botanical Gardens’ custodial mission is to “Sustain subtropical ornamental plant specimens of extraordinarily high horticultural merit that compare favorably among the finest seen anywhere in the world!”


Jeffrey S Block, MD

American Physician Botanist and Cannabinoid Medicine Thought Leader

Dr. Block is an integrative medicine healthcare consultant specializing in botanical medicines; and he is the Founder of Nurturing Nature® Group Consultants.

Education and Training:
Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry/Psychology
Emory University, Atlanta, GA.
Doctor Of Medicine
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine – Miami, FL.
Residency, Anesthesiology
Jackson Memorial and Affiliate Hospitals – Miami, FL.
Fellowship, Pain Management and Addiction Medicine
Mount Sinai Medical Center – Miami Beach, FL.

Diplomat of the American Board of Medical Specialties:
American Board of Anesthesiology (1987 to present).

Professional Memberships:
American Society of Anesthesiologists;
Florida Society of Anesthesiologists;
Florida Medical Association;
Miami-Dade County Medical Association.

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